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Mese Smith is a voice over actor, radio broadcaster, photographer, YouTuber, video creator, world traveler, and freeway baby, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

In 2003 Mese began her journey to pursue her passion in Radio Broadcasting. After interning at 93.9 KZLA and Kost 103.5 she realized that she had another passion she wanted to pursue, which was voice over acting. It was in 2008 that Mese attended voice over school at Kalmenson & Kalmenson in Burbank.  After completing two classes she realized that this was what she wanted to do. So, she invested in her very own home studio and did some freelance work on the side.  In May of 2013 Mese completed her voice over demo and she feels like she is ready to take on this voice over industry full force!

Many would describe Mese as funny, loud, silly, creative, caring, spontaneous, adventurous, a world traveler, adorkable (haha), a music lover, someone who likes to laugh and make others laugh, young at heart, an avid LA sports girl who roots for the Lakers and Dodgers. She loves being with her friends and family and good health and fitness is also a very important aspect of Mese’s life. She enjoyed the beach, lake, and being in the snow (as long as she has a big snowboarding jacket on, of course). Mese also really loves the surf culture and although she is horrible at surfing she enjoys living vicariously through her camera lens as surf photography is one of her favorite things to shoot. Animals are a very important part of Mese’s life, she has one dog and 3 dog nieces that she loves as her children. Mese also loves sushi, fresh air, going on hikes, and road trips.

Mese looks forward to seeing what her future has in store for her and she is ever so grateful to be alive and healthy. Mese is now done typing in the third person and thanks you for reading this far. ;)

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